Striking architectural form, in foliage and flowers.  Frost on acanthus.


My love of gardens began early in life – my grandfather had a beautiful garden and he encouraged me to develop an appreciation of colour and form and taught me how to place and care for plants. Living in Cornwall, I experienced the different landscapes – from the architectural starkness of the granite tors to the exotic species growing in the protected coastal valleys - and then, there were the great gardens that I visited with my family. I went on to study biology (specialising in botany and ecology) at London University, gaining a BSc honours degree.

Over the years, I have developed gardens at my own home, finding a well thought out garden to be a haven in a busy world. Having created a garden for a friend and contributed to a project for a landscaping company (and responded to many requests for garden advice), I decided to take up garden design professionally and have now been a full-time garden designer for over 23 years.

In addition to my degree, which gives me an understanding of landscapes, soils and communities of flora and fauna, I am qualified as a garden designer, having studied at Capel Manor College. My knowledge and skill has developed through the experience I have gained in creating gardens to fulfil my clients’ wishes, in a wide variety of locations, each with its own challenges and beauty.

I have designed gardens in many differing situations, and have transformed many a problem area into an attractive outdoor space. I am adept at creating gardens on sloping sites, producing satisfying level changes.

Each of the designs I have produced is an original, no two gardens are the same and every client has their own personal preferences. If you would like to talk with me about your garden, please do contact me.