Patio surrounded by lawns and attractive planting.
Design for a garden in Hertfordshire

A Garden In Hertfordshire

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Curving paths run beside a large lawn. Steps rise to shaded garden around the willow tree, and play area under the oak tree.  Garden design in Harpenden, Hertfordshire. Large sheltered sunken patio with views of the upper garden.  Harpenden garden design in autumn. Patio, lawn, path, and steps to upper garden.  Planting includes roses, anemones and grasses. Circular sitting area (patio) and view across the garden – after design, construction and planting.
The same view – before. Looking across lower patio - large family garden in Harpenden, Hertfordshire. Stepping stone path, lawn for picnics shaded by oak tree, children’s playhouse. The trampoline, accessible but tucked away.
Landscaping – about to install footings and drainage.  Garden design and landscaping in Hertfordshire. Landscaping – building retaining walls.  Levels were made up using good quality screened topsoil with added compost.  Garden landscaping design in Harpenden. Lower patio, newly completed, paved in random rectangle pattern.  Winter flowering cherry trees are in bloom in this Hertfordshire garden. Sloping garden contoured into comfortably flat areas.  Curved steps rise from main patio to a large lawn, with small circular patio backed by a curved wall.
Secluded patio beneath willow tree, surrounded by shade-loving plants including deep purple foliage, ferns and subtle flowers. Shade garden in Harpenden, Hertfordshire. Planting design, with striking colours and form in foliage and flowers. Border – 3 months after planting. Grasses and perennials give summer colour and interest.  Trellis provides privacy while screening shrubs grow in this Harpenden garden.
Sheltered patio for outdoor dining, barbecues, and entertaining.  Comfortable steps lead to the lawn.  Family garden design in Harpenden, Hertfordshire.

This sloping garden has been terraced to give a large level lawn for playing and sitting out, with a curving path and a small circular patio, all surrounded by screening shrubs and trees and ornamental planting. At a lower level, down a set of comfortable garden steps, the patio beside the house has ample room for a circular table for eight, sun loungers and children’s toys.

At the top of the garden, up another set of steps, is a playhouse for the children, approached by a stepping stone path surrounded by planting, and a lawn for picnics under the oak tree. Behind the playhouse is a utility area and garden shed. A trampoline will be installed on the left side of the upper garden.

There is a shade garden with a sitting area beside the willow tree, with ferns, hostas, Japanese maples and other shade loving plants.

Where the sloping garden has been re-modelled into terraces, adjacent land has been securely supported by retaining walls, hidden from view by evergreen shrubs.

This garden is in Harpenden, Hertfordshire.

This garden design in Harpenden, Hertfordshire is for a private client. Having designed, advised on, and worked on the production of many gardens in Hertfordshire around Harpenden, I have a good understanding of local conditions, including soils.
I have also carried out garden design work for Harpenden Town Council and Hertsmere Borough Council.